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The frontier at any time is open and wild, a place where a man or elf or troll can claim some land and make it their own. From its open plains to its mountains to its hills and streams, the frontier beckons the strong and brave to try and test their resolve against its daunting presence. Some win out and create a home, while others decide to return back east seeking a reprieve from its harshness. Most though fail to tame it and pay the ultimate price to it.

Along the frontier's western edge, across the vast plain that is the prairie, and up against the large mountain range that runs from the farthest northern point to the most southern, is a large sloping valley nestled in the foothills. The town of Two Moons sits in the middle of this valley, built up around the flowing river that curls around its southern border. The firstcomers who built the town must have felt at ease with the woods on the hills and mountains at the west end, and the small rolling hills filled with grass to the east. Two days ride to north, at the top of the valley, is the mining town of Silver Springs, aptly named for the silver vein where a neverending stream of the precious metal flows. Two days ride to the south is the trading post of Greymung. Once past his establishment, a rider can follow the mountain range south out of the valley to more towns, more travelers, and more of the unknown frontier. One could lose oneself in it if one wished, ride off the face of the world itself. . .

The town of Two Moons itself is a colorful one. At its southern end the Spanish Hidalgo Sun-Toucher leads his clan, using the fertile land to graze his horses and grow crops, while on the eastern side the cattle rancher Voll owns what his eye can see. At Two Moons' northern end is a circle arena that in the summer houses the large colorful tent for Joyleaf's Wild West Troupe show-- the only place to see the living legend of the frontier Bearclaw and his twin dragoon pistols. The Wild West Show troupe winters here as well, traveling in the spring and fall. People come from afar to see Bearclaw, the famed sharpshooter Nightfall, trick-rider Dewshine, and others. In the hills of the west, in large clearings in the woods, others have settled to farm and tend horses. The town of Two Moons and its valley are a peaceful place for the most part, a small sanctuary some would say, from the searing sun of the Great Sagebrush Desert that stretches east of the grasslands and west of the mountains. . .

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